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Jorgy Jorgensen portrait by Rob Stapleton

Holger “Jorgy” Jorgensen-

One of Alaska’s best-known flying legends, Jorgy Jorgensen is a master of anything he decides to do. Born in Haycock on Dime Creek on the Seward Peninsula on January 26, 1927 to parents Jessie Nagaruk from Buckland, Alaska, and Ole (Torgrimsen) Jorgensen from Norway.

Jorgy first saw an aircraft at the age of six, and immediately knew that he would become a pilot.

Mr. Jorgensen served in the Alaska Territorial Guard and with the Eskimo Scouts during World War II, and later served as Director of Aviation, for the State of Alaska Division of Aviation under Gov. Bill Egan.

Flying for Airpac, Alaska International Air, Foster Air, Frontier Flying Service, Great Northern Airlines, Interior Airways, Wien Air Alaska, Northern Air Cargo, Woods Air and others Jorgensen proved his mastery at aviation. He first learned to fly a 40 horsepower Taylorcraft and soloed at Nome eventually piloting 26 different models of aircraft.

After a career in aviation that started in 1947 and spanned over 40 years Jorgy is hailed by pilots of the military, commercial, bush, and residents of Alaska as a pioneer and legend for is uncanny instincts in the air, and use of instrument navigation in the Arctic.

Jorgy made his last flight as Pilot in Command on March 16, 2001 due to the loss of his eyesight. Recently Jorgy bought and helped refurbish a Cessna 150 for his grandchildren who are following his example and learning to fly in Fairbanks.


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