Digital Images in Black and White

4 3ngine aircraft in flight departing ANC

Black and White photography- The gray skies over the Alaska landscape the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport are to me an invitation to make black and white images. The mighty roar of the engines and the contrast of the Cargo jets to the sky above is a challenge. I try to make dynamic images of […]

Civil Air Patrol Lands at Merrill Field with New Solo Pilot

two people an instructor and student standing in front of a glider

Shooting Video with a DLSR- An Alaska Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Schweizer 2-33 Glider is towed to the pattern at Merrill Field, Anchorage, Alaska released by the pilot and nicely landed on Runway 34 on Monday Oct. 4, 2021. The glider pilot is a CAP Flight Instructor from the Birchwood Airport Squadron with a Cadet […]

Everything you need to know about Commercial photography

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is becoming popular day by day; however, not every photography that you do falls under commercial photography category. This blog will help you understand what commercial photography is and the type of services you can expect from reliable Commercial Photography in Alaska. Understanding commercial photography  The first thing that you need to is […]

Portrait Photography Ideas and Techniques for Better Photos

Portrait Photography Ideas and Techniques

Portrait photos are very eye-catching if done right. With the right amount of focus on the subject and attention to detail, portraits easily find their way to the walls of art galleries. But if you are a beginner and looking for some portrait photography ideas and techniques to improve your photos, here are some quick […]

5 Tips For Better Portrait Photography

There is no one way too perfect a portrait. There are various little elements that need to be considered to get the desired portrait. Be that as it may, here are some quick better portrait photography tips you can incorporate to see instant improvement in your photos. Lighting is the first step to a better […]