Shooting Video with a DLSR-

An Alaska Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Schweizer 2-33 Glider is towed to the pattern at Merrill Field, Anchorage, Alaska released by the pilot and nicely landed on Runway 34 on Monday Oct. 4, 2021. The glider pilot is a CAP Flight Instructor from the Birchwood Airport Squadron with a Cadet who soloed the glider earlier in the day. The glider was towed to Pratt Aviation Services once off the airport for inspections and maintenance. Video by Rob Stapleton/Alaskafoto Music Paradisio by Sum Wave-Epidemic Music

Photographic Details

This was a very last minute assignment that relied on having contact with the tow-plane that was leaving from Birchwood Airport (PABV/BCV) 25 miles to the north of Merrill Field by cellphone. Once the tow-plane was airborne he was in contact by radio to enter the pattern for the North/South Runway 34/16 at Merrill, once in the pattern at proper altitude the glider released from the tow and glided from Base leg to final approach. It too was in contact with the tower (which can be heard in the interview) giving them clearance to land.

This was shot using a heavy Manfrotto 3130Tripod and fluid head with a Canon 5D Mk-ii with a 100-400mm Zoom. I was also shooting stills of the landing at the same time and interview with a 70-200mm Zoom and a 17-40mm Zoom for the up close interview of the instructor and newly minted solo pilot. When making photographs at airports or seaplane bases or even off-airport operations I take a handheld aviation communication radio to monitor flight operations. Monitoring a radio helps cut down on time and confusion.

This is a very abbreviated set up used on-the-fly as I had to carry all the equipment from a gate halfway down the 2600 foot runway.