Digital Images in Black and White

4 3ngine aircraft in flight departing ANC

Black and White photography- The gray skies over the Alaska landscape the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport are to me an invitation to make black and white images. The mighty roar of the engines and the contrast of the Cargo jets to the sky above is a challenge. I try to make dynamic images of […]

FlyZolo Still in Nome Alaska

Zara Rutherford in Anchoage, Alaska

  Still waiting for a Russian Visa to be able to cross the Bering Straits in her Shark Circumnavigation of our planet, Zara Rutherford is stranded in Nome, Alaska. At this posting she is surrounded by her support crew and with plenty of friendly folks from Nome. If you want to contact her on Facebook: […]

Fly.Zolo Makes it Halfway Around the World-Arrives in Alaska

Rutherford's Shark UL on final approach to PAMR

Halfway around the world 19-year-old pilot waits for a Russian visa to cross the Bering Straits By Rob Stapleton/Alaskafoto An around the world flight attempt by 19-year-old Zara Rutherford seems to have hit a series of delays on her way, and more than once in Alaska, but has made it “halfway around the world,” after […]

Tips for hiring the Right Digital Photographer

Hiring a professional Digital Photographer is exceptionally crucial. Everyone knows that photography has become more accessible these days. The advances in technology have made it possible for anyone to click good photos; however, when it comes to capturing professional images, nothing can come close to digital photography. For any kind of photography projects, it becomes […]

The Scene Aircraft and Airplane Photographers

Aircraft Portraits in Alaska Photography - Alaska Air cargo | Alaskafoto

“How Do I Take Better Photos?” Is The Question We Hear From The Most Enthusiastic And New To The Scene Aircraft and Airplane Photographers. To become the best always follow the best! In other words, before trying to be an airplane or aircraft photographer, a beginner should try to get some kind of training under […]