Photograph on final approach to ANC

The majesty of aircraft and Alaska scenery in a photograph- Alaska carrier  Everts Air Cargo flies all over the state of Alaska. This photograph was made as the DC-9 freighter was on final approach to Runway 33/15 at ANC. Alaska is known as The Frozen North is a U.S. state situated in the northwest furthest […]

Orin Seybert Receives Pilot Awards – Aircraft Photography

Seybert and Penair Story- Orin Seybert was awarded the Master Pilot Award at the Alaska Air Carriers Association in front of dozens of his family members and Alaska aviation industry owners and pilots by the Federal Aviation Administration. Seybert also awarded the AACA Pilot of the Year Award Orin Seybert founded Peninsula Airways in 1955. […]

Portrait of Alaska Aircraft: CAF Airplanes at PAMR

Alaska aviation photography-Winter The best aircraft photography requires skill, technique and a few helpful tips, some of which we will highlight in this article about Alaska aviation photography. While winter may not seem like the ideal time for an  environmental portrait, the weather conditions make it perfect for snapping up some cool bird’s eye view […]

Colorful photography in drab lighting

How to add color to your images in flat lighting When shooting images in lighting that is less than spectacular there are ways to enhance an image. First, look for the position of the dominant lighting and place your aircraft or subject at angles to it. In non-direct sunlight, as in early morning dawn, or […]

Aviation action photography on the water

  Aviation Photography: Stopping Action Every photographer has his or her style to make an image that elicits action. The Alaska aviation photography of mine is from the ground of aircraft arrivals or takeoffs. This calls for long lenses, high shutter speeds, and quick focusing. This image of the Grumman Goose made with a 600 […]