Alaska Floatplanes - Alaskafoto | Aircraft photography & environmental portrait - Rob Stapleton, Lake Hood Seaplane Base Only in Alaska will you see traffic stopped for a float plane. This image was taken at the intersection of a Lakeshore Drive and a taxiway at Lake Spenard part of the Lake Hood Seaplane Base at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport the busiest float pond in the world. The complex consists of two lakes connected by a water taxiway and takeoff lanes that support 500 floatplanes. Also nearby is the Lake Hood gravel strip formally (Z41). The entire complex has 1000 aircraft that call the area in the westernmost part of Anchorage “home.”

Both lakes have a long been used for floatplane activity with a history of supporting transportation and commerce for the southcentral region of Alaska. Explore the best aircraft photography, environmental portraits and Aircraft portraits of Alaska – Photo by Rob Stapleton/Alaskafoto

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