Aviation Photography in the Snow

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Aviation Photography in the Snow: Don’t Let the Winter Blues Keep You Away Winter is liked by less and detested by many. Even those who like, it is because they get to stay in their cocoon by the fireplace and get to enjoy the hot chocolate mug in one hand and a good book in […]

Secrets to Improve Your Aviation Photography

Aircraft photography is not easy ad it can only be mastered with experience. Nonetheless, it is good to know what practices do the best aviation photographers adopt. Here are some tips that you will find in no aviation photography magazine: Try not to freeze the propellers! In aircraft photography, you must be able to capture […]

6 Tips for Creative Aviation Photography

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Tip 1: Get up early If you want to take amazing shots you have to work for it, and getting up early goes with the territory so that you are ready to take your shots by sunrise. Try to find a runway that is lit beautifully and it will be a bonus if the sun […]

Alaska aviation image of the day Sept. 2, 2017

Governor Bill Walker has issued a proclamation declaring September 2017 Aviation Appreciation Month, recognizing the importance of aviation in the State of Alaska. “Aviation is the primary statewide means of access and connection for eighty-two percent of Alaska’s communities not connected to the contiguous road system,” said Walker.  “Alaska is home to 749 registered airports and seaplane […]