Aviation Photography in the Snow: Don’t Let the Winter Blues Keep You Away

Winter is liked by less and detested by many. Even those who like, it is because they get to stay in their cocoon by the fireplace and get to enjoy the hot chocolate mug in one hand and a good book in another. This behavior is understandable as far as anyone is concerned, except for the Alaskan photographers. What are they doing inside at home when the perfect winter snow and vibrant winter sky is all theirs to capture? If you think that winter is not a good season for aircraft photography, allow us to prove you wrong.

Aviation Photography in the Snow - Best Alaska portrait Photographer | Alaskafoto

1.Set the Focal Length Right and Capture the Aircraft:

In photography, you need to stay a fair distance away from your subject, which is an aircraft portrait, is not a concern at all, unless the aircraft is resting on the ground. No matter how perfectly you capture the angle and location of the subject, if it is too far away or too close, it will ruin your photograph. You need to set the focal length just right so that the portraits fit your frame perfectly. In case of a greater distance, the distortion created by the atmosphere also shows in the picture. Even in winters, the heat waves emanate from the ground and blur and distort the pictures. So, make sure your distance and your magnification are kept to a minimum.

2.Partake in Aviation Shows:

If you don’t like the cold, you don’t always have to be outdoors to capture the aircraft portrait. In most places, including Alaska, the winter season brings loads of aviation shows indoors. You don’t always have to capture a flying plane, as even one resting on the ground exudes a mechanical charm. So, you can reserve the summers for outdoor photography and the winters for the indoors. So, visit the aviation museums, aircraft events, airfield demonstrations, and military airfields. You don’t have to be a genius to know that the airport is another place near, or inside, where you can catch airplanes in action. Winter season means lots of vacationers, and lots of vacationers mean many flights.

Aviation Photography in the Snow - Best Alaska Photographer | Alaskafoto

3. Don’t Ignore the Winter Sky:

The bright sun and rolling green Alaskan fields are not the only worthy backdrops for aircraft photography.  An airplane photographer must also look at the whites of the winter snow and the greys of the winter sky to capture its appeal. Moreover, to make your pictures bright, the low sun will be enough to give you just what you need. It might not be a vibrant portrait, such as one shot in the summers, but it will have a charisma of its own. The only tough challenge for you will be to keep yourself warm and safe. You don’t want to turn into as icicles waiting for your plane to fly by, would you?

Photographers must not let themselves feel dejected by the change of season. Each season, each scenario, and each atmosphere brings forth an opportunity to capture something new and different.