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Business portraits are pictures generally used in in businesses about us page of their website and other industry pages. It is a photograph of a person with the aim to demonstrate in general of what they look like⎯ it gives a face to a name. Business portraits are used by individuals in corporates, multinational companies, and other businesses.

A decent business portrait photographer in Alaska would not waste time as the people in this case are extremely busy and do not have much time. Indeed, being a photographer in these sorts of shoots is testing, yet you need to understand that business portrait is more than shooting someone wearing a suit and make-up. There are different subtleties which must be focused upon while taking business headshots.

Make a Connection

You should be comfortable making an association with the subject the minute he/she steps in the set-up. Doing so will enable the subject to be calm to work with you and help in making a decent business portrait. When working with top executives it helps to do your homework about them. This will be helpful for friendly exchanges during the shoot. You can likewise look at photos of the subject and ask yourself about the things you could enhance.

Think about Lighting and Environment

If you are shooting in a room, acquaint yourself with the lights you can use. Does the room permit natural light, or will you to do with artificial lightning? Are there curtains which can be act as a background or will you need other scenery props?

For outdoor shoots, think about the hour of day and the weather. For business portrait photographer in Alaska, the best time for pictures is early morning and late evening as the brightness during the day can be too much to handle.

Business Portrait Photographers in Alaska
AT-6 with mechanic Lee Clausen

The Classic Black and White Photo

Changing over to high contrast, black and white, is a decent alternative if the lightning makes it difficult to get a decent shot. Photos in black and white help bring focus the attention on the subject and avoid distractions by multiple colors. Pictures in black and white always look ethereal and have a great impact. Black and white images are extremely suitable for corporates as monochrome can be readily used by all businesses irrespective of their brand color.

Business Portrait Photographers in Alaska
Valdez Fisherman Prince William Sound Alaska. Copyright Rob Stapleton 2017

Focus on the Eyes

The eyes are considered the “windows to the spirit” and this also applies in photography. When doing business portraits, or pretty much any shot, you must try to accentuate the subject’s eyes. Every other factor would be good for nothing if the eyes are not sharp enough. Most mirrorless cameras sold in the market have an eye AF option which enables you to highlight the eyes.

Assume Control

The minute that you have the camera, you are in charge. Assume responsibility during the photoshoot and ensure that you have a plan, especially for huge gatherings. You would need to move starting with one subject then onto the next as fast as possible without giving up on the picture quality of your photos. Remember that most of these individuals don’t have any experience about facing the camera so ensure you help them during the process.

Woman pilot standing in front of her training aircraft.