If you want to do the best aircraft photography there is no better place than Alaska. Airplanes are fascinating machines and capturing them in a camera is fun. To fulfill your dream of doing Alaska photography, you must get in touch with the best Alaska photographers. Talking to Alaska photographers will help you know their experiences of Alaska photography. You can apply their techniques and tricks to do the best aircraft photography in Alaska.

The tips of a professional Alaska photographer would help you in taking creative aircraft photographs.


The highly polished and bare metal type aircraft can offer you to capture a wide range of aircraft portraits. The aircraft have different surfaces, shapes, and textures providing you with many opportunities. You can focus on the rivets, hinges, wings, propellers and other details to get the best aircraft photography results.  You can look for areas which are reflected in the other parts of the aircraft to add creativity.

Working with the Rain

An aircraft with tiny little drops of rain is a scene so mesmerizing that anyone would love to capture. You as an aircraft photographer can take advantage of the rain to get the best aircraft portraits. The reflection of an aircraft on a water body would look great. The raindrops on the propellers, windows, and on the edge of the wing can offer great aircraft portrait opportunities.

Focus on the Details

To get the best aircraft photographs you need to focus on the details of the aircraft. To do that you need to move closer and closer while doing static aircraft photography. When you capture aircraft portraits from close, you can display the details of an aircraft.

Changing the Positions quickly

To do the best aircraft photography, you need to move around on the location quickly. Changing the position from left to right will change the angles and bring in a variety of images. You can also switch to a long zoom or a fixed focal length lens to portray different perspectives.

Capturing the Aircraft during Sunrise and Sunset

Not only does broad daylight in Alaska give you the best aircraft portraits. You can do the best aircraft photography during sunrise and sunset when the light is low. The effect of light at these hours is amazing which can be utilized by you. The other benefit of choosing dawn and dusk for aircraft photography is the calm and serene surroundings.

Shooting Raw Images

Shooting raw aircraft images enables to capture the essence of the aircraft. Sometimes you want to delve deep into every minute detail in and around the aircraft. Taking raw images enables you to do that by keeping the original effect intact. Used in the proper software allows for more adjustments and color corrections.

Using the Eyes

It is the best to find your subject (the moving aircraft) with your own eyes. If you try to spot the aircraft with the camera’s viewfinder you might miss some of the best shots. Even if you are doing static aircraft photography take some time out to look at the aircraft carefully. You may find something amazing on the aircraft to capture.

The best aircraft photography experiences are the ones which you can enjoy doing personally.

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