Heat Wave Creates Mirage Type Photographs at ANC - Alaskafoto - Air Cargo
A KAL Boeing 777 photographed while taking off at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport on runway 15/33 during an afternoon heat wave of nearly 80F/26.6C on June 1, 2017. ( Click the photo to view larger) Photo by Rob Stapleton/Alaskafoto

Mirage Effect in Photographs-

Heat waves on black asphalt or cement surfaces have taken with a telephoto lens can make a dramatic mirage type effect. This image was taken on a hot afternoon at ANC with a 100-400mm zoom lens. Note the distortion and reflections on the pavement.

Due to Anchorage’s high latitude and cool temperatures this mirage effect is not often seen. Recent high temperatures create this visual effect. Many photographers come to the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport to shoot aircraft due to Alaska’s great evening and morning sunlight.

Most airports at lower latitudes will also get this mirage effect when the temperatures rise. Normally, shooting aircraft in the middle of the day here in Anchorage you will not have to worry about this ruining your photographs.