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Everts Air Cargo DC-6 lifts off at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport as a Cathay Pacific Cargo jet taxis for runway 15/33. Anchorage has beautiful mountains, with the Chugach range closest to the east making photography of aircraft spectacular. Photo by Rob Stapleton/Alaskfoto

The Most Scenic Places in Alaska

Alaska is huge; it’s the largest state in the U.S., twice the size of the second largest state of Texas. However, it’s also one of the least populated states, mostly filled with small communities and devoid of high rise buildings. This makes it the perfect photography destination for anyone looking to capture scenes of untouched forests, enormous glaciers and of course the infamous Northern Lights.  A saying goes 15 minute drive out of Anchorage (Alaska’s largest urban city) and you’re in Alaska. But Anchorage does have some beautiful spots to make photographs.

Such a huge landmass is virtually impossible to cover in a single trip, which is why we offer some of the top places you should visit on your next one.


The first thing on any Alaska photographer’s bucket list should be experiencing the awe of the northern lights in person. And what better way to do it than going to the city of Fairbanks, away from the hustle and bustle of more populated cities such as Valdez. Settled in a remote location, the city boasts of a close knit community as well as annual dog sledding events. Such is the beauty of this phenomenon that an Icelandic city even closed down its street lamps temporarily so that they are more visible in the night sky.

Denali National Park

Located in Central Alaska, the Denali National Park is home to numerous flora and fauna, including huge grizzly bears, moose and even snow wolves. But what it’s most famous for is 20,320 ft. Denali, just one of the spectacular peaks in the Alaska range. Reaching the summit isn’t as easy, with temperatures regularly touching negative 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  But all this trouble seems worth it for the magnificent views at the top. Alaska photography at its finest.


Ketchikan is located between a network of islands right at the southern end of Alaska. The city boasts of a rich cultural history that influences modern day life as well. Taking a stroll through the town might take a while due to its large size, but the various attractions such as Totem Heritage Center, Creek Street and the Guard Island Light.


Virtually inaccessible by land, the only way to reach the small town of Sitka is by sea or air, making the journey there prime for aircraft photography.  There’s plenty to see in the remote town, from numerous outdoor activities to the magnificent Pacific Ocean. And if you feel like experiencing Alaskan nightlife, the downtown area offers a plethora of restaurants and bars. Do embark on a whale watching tour to catch a glimpse of the native humpback whales there.

Mendenhall Glacier

The idea of seeing yet another glacier may seem like a turnoff for diehard Alaskan photography enthusiasts, but all these reservations disappear upon seeing these incredible blue bodies of crystal ice. The glacier stretches upwards of 11 miles and it’s ice depth is about 1500feet.  Like most places on the list, reaching Mendenhall Glacier isn’t easy; you can either Kayak there or rent a helicopter or see it on a cruise.