Portrait of a jet with great imagery

Aircraft Portrait and Background Scenery – Alaska is huge; it’s the largest state in the U.S., twice the size of the second largest state of Texas. However, it’s also one of the least populated states, mostly filled with small communities and devoid of high rise buildings. This makes it the perfect photography destination for anyone […]

Portrait of Mountain Weather

Portrait of Windy Weather- Making good environmental portraits involves keeping your eyes open for good backdrop imagery. While looking for a good landscape to make a portrait of a friend of mine this scene came into view. Travelling south this view is right off of the Parks Highway just south of Cantwell, Alaska. Using Filters […]

Dream Lifter and DC-6 Stopped in Time

Stop Action Photography- This stopped image is an example of how to stop or freeze a moving subject to put it in juxtaposition to something else to help tell a story. This image was shot at 1/1600 of a second at F/16 with a 300mm telephoto lens. Everts Air Cargo History Tatonduk Outfitters Limited is […]

Beaver on the Ruth

Photography on snow and glaciers- To make good photographs on or in snow, in the mountains and on glaciers you have to expose for the subject–not the scene. If you have no subject, as in a landscape image, over expose one stop, or 0+…1 in your viewfinder. This is necessary when making portraits in snow […]